1 fixed monthly cost for all your cleaning needs

Simply bundle all your annual periodicals into your monthly cleaning costs.

  • No need to organise periodicals & multiple contractors
  • Jobs Scheduled, Locked In and never Forgotten
  • We can offer massive discounts because work is pre-scheduled and paid for in monthly invoicing
  • Keep your premises Clean & Hygienic all year round, not just when it looks dirty.
  • Manage your Budget with Totally Fixed Monthly Cleaning Costs

Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

  • Cleaning method recommended by Standards Australia
  • Qualified, experienced Carpet Cleaning Technicians
  • Fixed pricing allows for easy budgeting
  • Scheduled, Locked In and Never Forgotten

Save $$$’s

We estimate costs of periodicals at quoting stage, and simply divide those annual costs in 12 equal payments included with your Monthly Cleaning Invoice.

  • Scheduled at Industry Standard Frequencies or at your preferred Frequency.
  • Entered into our Periodical Calendars at commencement of the Contract, so never overlooked.
  • Periodicals scheduled in advance allow us to pass on massive discounts.
  • Discounts up to 30% of the Do & Charge Rates.
  • Allows you to manage your Cashflow & Budget.

Hard Surface Restoration

Exterior Pressure Cleaning, Vinyl Restoration to Tile & Grout Restoration

All your hard services maintained and restored throughout the year, to ensure all areas of your building or office look their best all year round.

  • The Latest in Vinyl Sealers & Floor Protection Systems
  • Heavy Duty High Pressure Cleaning Equipment
  • Innovative Tile & Grout Cleaning Solutions
  • Scheduled, Locked In & never Forgotten

Keep your Office & Premise clean all year round….

Too many businesses only schedule these periodicals when they look incredibly dirty. Quite often the horse has already bolted, and the spend much more restoring Carpets & Hard Floors, or simply get left with surfaces that can’t be repaired.

  • Keep your Workplace Clean & Hygienic to reduce Staff Sick days
  • Portray a Professional, Organised and Corporate image to your Staff, Suppliers & more importantly your Customers
  • Don’t fall into the false economy of putting periodicals off, to save dollars

Office Window Cleaning

Precise can handle all your Interior & External Window Cleaning

  • Exterior Glass Cleaning  & Signage from Poles and Elevated Work Platforms
  • Interior Window & Mirror Cleaning
  • Office Partitions, Doors, Boardrooms
  • Scheduled, Locked In & never Forgotten

Precise’s Total Cleaning Solution was a no brainer for our offices. No need for me to organise multiple contractors throughout the year. We simply get an email from the Supervisor when the Periodicals are due, and they are done.  It’s a great to have a contractor who can look after all our cleaning needs.
Donna Giebler - Facilities Co-Ordinator - ADAQ

Speak to the Boss, and decide whether this may be a far better solution for your premises.