Outbreak Continuity Planning

As many Brisbane and South East Queensland businesses look to put their continuity plans together, we’ve been unindated by requests for quotes and availability.

 Due the shear demand for information about continuity planning we’ve had to put some guidelines together, so that you can get some kind of estimation of costs.

These have been developed through consultation with our teams and the known process to get your site up and running after a case of COVID-19 on your premises.

The form below is simply an estimation tool. Estimates have been created based on the time it takes to competently clean your premises.

Before you engage any cleaning company, please make sure you understand the difference between Cleaning and Disinfecting.

It’s absolutely critical that you engage a contractor that understands the multiple steps to truly clean your premises.

The Steps for Disinfection and Outbreak Cleaning for COVID-19 are;

  1. Decontamination Clean – very similar to general commercial cleaning but with more detail and concentration on Touchpoints
  2. Disinfection Clean – Disinfection of all surfaces cleaned as part of the Decontamination Clean followed by Touchpoint Cleaning throughout the premises of intricate touchpoints (keyboards, phones, compiter monitors etc)
  3. OPTIONAL – Disinfection Fogging – Disinfection of all surfaces using commercial disinfection equipment to ensure all surfaces no mater how obscure are disinfected depending on the size of the premises. Used more to reduce the time to disinfect a premise.
  4. OPTIONAL – Make Good Clean – Detailed Tidy Up Clean of all areas Fogged with Disinfectant
  5. IF FOGGING OCCURS – 24hour No Access Window After Completion of Service.

Disinfection Services are all provided under the direction and guidelines of the Australian Department of Health and Safework Australia.


Don’t fall in the trap of thinking a cowboy with a Fogging Machine spraying it all over the places is actually doing anything at all.


Cleaning THEN Disinfection



This estimate is an approximation and is not guaranteed. The estimate is based on information provided from the client regarding project requirements. Actual cost may change once all project elements are finalized or negotiated. Prior to any changes of cost, the client will be notified. Estimate valid for 30 days.

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Hi guys, the warehouse space looks great, the walls came up like new which was surprising, so thank you very much.

Deb - Aussie Shade Solutions

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Precise Strip & Seal our Warehouse Lunchroom every year and have done for the last 5 years. Precise always contact us and book it in when it’s due and a great at delivering the service hassle free over our Xmas Closure period. We would recommend them to anyone looking for Vinyl Restoration Specialists.

Chris Loughlin - Warehouse Manager - Allflex

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