Sanitary Bin Service

Precise Commercial Cleaners sanitary service provides you with a complete feminine hygiene disposal solution. Our sanitary bins allow for safe disposal of feminine hygiene items in your washroom, such as tampons and sanitary pads. Our discreet and hygienic monthly sanitary disposal service we will ensure that your customers, visitors and staff will feel comfortable and your bathroom hygiene will remain high.

All Precise Commercial Cleaners sanitary bins are supplied and serviced with sanitary granules, containing an anti-bacterial agents that inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria while keeping your bathroom smelling clean. As  the female sanitary products are dropped into our sanitary units, they are enveloped in a powerful sterilising vapour which destroys infectious germs and eliminates unpleasant odours.

Precise Commercial Cleaner monthly service conforms to all applicable workplace legislations while offering a safe, convenient and dependable service that you can be guaranteed to receive. No Full Bins, No Mess, No Stress.

 “For the largest range of services, trained & secure staff and the latest staff management and customer services software systems you can be guaranteed that Precise Commercial Cleaners is continuing to strive to provide the best services in the market.”