We have been using Precise Commercial Cleaners for well over a year now and a few of the reasons we chose them was because the were a local company and we like to support Bayside companies. We had a bad experience with our previous company and with the Precise had picked up the standard of the cleaning in our offices.

Some of the benefits we received are honesty, responsive to any additional needs and thorough. Joshua Papa from Precise Commercial Cleaners is a great contact to have and on hand whenever there’s a problem of if I need to request a special task. You can guarantee that Joshua follows through with any requests in a speedy manner.

I recommend Precise Commercial Cleaners because they listen and will go outside the square if need be and alway a pleasure to come in the next day to find our offices nice and clean.

Angie Hadwen

Executive  Assistant, Recochem, Lytton Qld 4179


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