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Commercial Cleaners Benefits & Features

Check out our new Infographic on some of the features and benefits of using Precise Commercial Cleaners to not only provide your cleaning services, but to manage the services, tasks, frequencies, periodicals so that you can get back to business knowing that we are constantly looking at ways to manage our staff in the field live, so that you don’t have to.

A client said to me a couple of months ago:

I do not have the time to worry about the cleaning, I just need a contractor, who has the checks and systems in place to manage their staff and the work that they are carrying out on our premises. If they can’t do that I may as well hire a cleaner directly and do it in house.

So many companies, seem to treat their clients as if they are just providing cleaning labour and not a service. Do little or nothing to ensure staff are onsite, on-time, complete the work correctly, as scheduled and as requested, to the standard the clients requires.

Precise has taken a lot of time to develop these systems and continues to develop these systems to close the gap between the staff working unsupervised in the field, the Supervisor that manage them all and the Office. To streamline the management of cleaning staff.

If you want to see the real benefits of using theses systems to the full capacity and your passionate about having a clean, presentable and hygienic workplace, you don’t need to manage, give us a call or Request a Quote at the side of the post.

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