Encapsulation; refers to the dirt being surrounded by chemical agents.

Dirty Carpets, Dirty Traffic Lanes, Unhealthy Carpets, Bacteria, Carpet Mites.

Encapsulation offers an alternative method so we can keep your carpet clean and healthy between your annual Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning. Remember, when you carpets look dirty, they’ve actually got to the point that your carpet fibres are so saturated with dirt, that the carpets cannot absord and hide any more dirt.

The term “Encapsulation” refers to the dirt being surrounded by chemical agents. That is precisely what happens. A chemical is sprayed down onto a stain or carpet surface by the Encapsulation machine. The Encapsulation Machine using it’s brushes powers the chemical onto the area. The chemical works into the carpet fibers and grabs the dirt. It surrounds the dirt particles and then crystallizes so that no other dirt or fibers can hold onto the mess. The dirt is then released from the carpet fibers and can be vacuumed up after it has dryed or on the next cleaning cycle.

Due to the speed of this process, Encapsulation is a far cheaper option in between annual Hot Water Extraction. It is extremely effective when used just to address the dirty traffic lanes.

So your call to action is to request a quote and get your dirty carpet cleaned today.

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