Cleaning Quality Management System

Precise Commercial Cleaners provide professional and specialised cleaning,  maintenance and restoration services to clients that require services of any kind of commercial office space.

It is Precise Commercial Cleaners mission to provide exceptional services to our clients driven by the integrity, teamwork and innovation within our organistion.

To ensure our Cleaning Quality Management System is delivered and not just talked about on a web page or business card it’s important to have the systems to back this up.



At Precise Commercial Cleaners we believe that policies and procedures must be under consistent review and alteration, which is why we like to use the term “HOW TO” pages.

It’s our responsibility to ensure that these policies and procedures are known and accepted by the personnel Precise employs and are reviewed annually to ensure continuing suitability. However gone are the days of shelves of manuals that are dust gathers for out of date or irrelevant procedures.

Cleaners in the field in the past have had limited access to policies and procedures and it was unrealistic to expect them to remember them all. Which is why we launched are own intranet.

iPrecise allows us to keep and create live, up to date “How To” pages from everything from how to change the Photocopier Cartridge to the standard process of Cleaning a Toilet Bowl.

Whats even more impressive, is that its not boring checklist and electronic manuals, its complete instructional videos, summaries and photos for cleaners who work in the field to access at any time, anywhere on their mobile devices.

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It’s one of the most difficult tasks for cleaning business owners to manage, Delivery of Services in the Field. That’s why we use freshOps, an Industry Specific Solution to manage & supervise cleaning staff, cleaning schedules, cleaning tasks, and provide up to the minute live feedback to staff and back to the office.

freshOps has allowed Precise Commercial Cleaners to deliver on our vision of the most Reliable, Consistent and Experienced cleaning service in Brisbane.

These technologies and systems demonstrate our commitment to improve services by:

  • Maintaining quality systems which continue to deliver consistent results to the client.
  • Monitoring client satisfaction by conducting regular surveys and inspections.
  • Monitoring & ensuring all personnel are adequately trained, inducted and continually educated.
  • Continuously improve and innovate “How To’s” by regularly reviewing company objectives, procedures, systems and client expectations and requirements.

Support Helpdesk

24/365  Support Helpdesk

Precise offers 24hour a day support, 365 days of the year with our Email Support Helpdesk. All customers are given a Support Email Address to send all there enquiries to.

Rather than wondering who you need to speak to at Precise, let us deal with who best to help you and resolve you enquiry.  Our Support Desk team will ensure your enquiry is past quickly to the best person in our business to help you. Whether it be an account enquiry, service delivery problem, a service request or a general question, our Helpdesk Staff will put you in contact with the person who can help most.

Once a staff member is assigned your enquiry, the enquiry stays open and pending until it get’s resolved, so that small enquiries don’t fall through the cracks.

Had trouble communicating with your cleaning service provider, our 24hr Helpdesk ensures your Enquiry is handled and resolved as you’d expect.

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Precise Commercial Cleaners have continued to deliver our Cleaning Services plus our Consumable Supplies for some years now with a seamless service.  I can’t remember ever having any issues over the years and would recommend the Precise team to any business looking for a reliable and consistent contractor.

Jeff Seeney - Warehouse Manager - Star Craft

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